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Book Q&A's

Here you will find a collection of actual questions from children at reading events about Gunner and his various books.

Book #1:  Gunner Gets Lucky

  • Why is Gunner on a farm at the beginning of the story?  Answer:  Gunner was owner surrendered to a rescue in Alabama.  The owner of the farm (the old man) held Gunner for a few weeks until transport to Florida was arranged.

  • Who is the old man?  Answer:  The old man's name is Leonard.  Leonard used to transport animals for rescue to other states until his age made it difficult to make the long trips.  He continued to volunteer by collecting the dogs for transport.

  • Why are the dogs put into crates during transport?  Answer:  The crates are for the dog's safety.  It's also not possible to stop and let every dog out to pee and poop during the long journey, so often times the dogs are a bit smelly upon arrival at their destination.

  • What are some of Gunner's favorite activities?  Answer:  Gunner is a natural swimmer.  He will fetch a stick or a ball thrown into water, or on land.  These qualities make Labrador Retrievers excellent hunting dogs.

Book#2:  Gunner Goes to the Bedroom Ball

  • What is a "Bedroom Ball"?  Answer:  The "Bedroom Ball" is a phrase the author's father used to say to announce bedtime when he was a child.  There really isn't any "Ball", and Gunner doesn't quite understand this.

  • What is the name of Gunner's animal friend in this story?  Answer:  Froggy.

  • Why does Gunner drool in his sleep?  Answer:  Anytime Gunner see food, he will salivate or drool. In his dream about the bedroom ball, he sees a lot of food, so he ends up drooling in his sleep.

  • Does Gunner tuck his boy into bed every night?  Answer:  Yes!!  it is Gunner's favorite time to show his boy that he loves him very much.

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