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From first-time author Karl Riemensperger comes “Gunner Gets Lucky!” Karl, a U.S. Marine veteran, has been married to his wife Karen since 2009. Together, they share a special love for the Labrador Retriever breed and often volunteer their home as a respite for dogs needing help finding a home. Their daily lives and adventures with Gunner inspired the books.

Gunner was special, quickly bonding with their young son, Kaiden. They wanted to share his story with the world while supporting rescues often in dire financial straits. Karl quickly got to work writing the first of the series, and before they knew it, one book became four and more!

Having raised five children, Karl considers himself an expert in reading bedtime stories, with lots of practice over the years. He wrote the books in this series with the kind of stories he enjoyed reading to his children, keeping the humor of both the child and parent in mind.

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